Andreas Willers (gtr & devices)

regular solo concerts since 1981, albums on FMP (1981), JazzHausMusik (1995), Jazzwerkstatt and Leo Rec. (2009), new acoustic album 'Haerae' tbr Oct. 2020 on Evil Rabbit Rec.

Drowning Migrant (Click to listen)

„It‘s all a long way from Barney Kessel or Martin Taylor, to be sure, but unless you have a rooted object to electric guitar, there‘s everything to admire here: formidable technique and control, a thoughtful approach to music as process and as artefact, and some highly musical and accessible playing. A record that will get you thinking.“ Brian Morton, Jazz Journal/UK

„Fabulous solo studio project featuring Andreas Willers on electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, melodica and devices. German guitarist Andreas Willers is one of those gifted players who has worked with musicians like Paul Bley, Louis Sclavis...., yet has often remained beneath the radar of recognition. Considering that Willers has a dozen discs out as a leader on ten different labels, it is unfortunate that he isn't more well known. For this fine disc, Andreas plays mostly solo guitars with various devices and is consistently adventurous. The title track is first and has a cinematic, spooky sound without any distinctive guitar sounds. Each sound evokes an ongoing suspense-filled terrain. ....It sounds to me that Mr. Willers is a master of manipulation as he selects the sounds or textures that consistently evoke images or provoke ideas. 'Drowning Migrant' is the most successful experimental solo guitar(s) offering I've heard in recent memory.“
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery New York/USA

Orange Years (Click to listen)

„Every human being with open ears should turn them to Andreas Willers. It‘s worth it!“  4 1/2 Sterne, Rolf Thomas, Jazzthetik/D

„The element of surprise in a quite free play with space and sound make up the allurement of this fine improviser, that leaves a deep impact.“
Michael Riediger, Schorndorfer Nachrichten/D (concert review, Jan. 09)

Can I go like this? (1994)

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Hier & Als Auch (1981)