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Cassiber Complex
Schindler/Willers/Zwang Eriksson, FMR (UK) 2024

Derek Plays Eric – A Suite Of Soaps
Willers/Roder/Marien, Jazzwerkstatt (D), 2023

Andreas Willers – Search & Rescue
solo, multitracked, multiinstrumental, JazzHausMusik (D), 2022

Grid Mesh – Four
w. Christof Thewes, Frank Paul Schubert and Willi Kellers, Creative Sources (P) 2021

Andreas Willers, haerae
solo acoustic guitar,
Evil Rabbit Records (D/NL) 2020

w. Rudi Neuwirth, JazzHausMusik (D) 2020

7 of 8, The Goldman Variations
w. Matthias Schubert, Florian Bergmann, Nikolaus Neuser, Meinrad Kneer & Christian Marien, Jazzwerkstatt (D) 2020

Leimgruber / Willers / Curran / Spera, Rome-Ing
live at Casa Del Jazz in Rome, Leo Rec. (UK) 2019

Or The Other (compilation) / Multiphonics Hamburg 2014-17
two tracks w. Urs Leimgruber, John Hughes & Björn Lücker, Werkhaus Münzviertel #5 (D), 2019

Willers / Roder / Marien, Derek Plays Eric Jazzwerkstatt (D) 2018

Warnfried Altmann Trio, Wangelin Songs
w. Warnfried Altmann & Willi Kellers, Nemu Records (D) 2016.   


Leimgruber / Willers, Pale White Shout
Jazzwerkstatt (D) 2016

The Scrambling Ex
w. Peter Van Huffel & Oli Steidle, FMR (UK) 2015

Ordnung und Widrigkeiten
w. Udo Schindler, Pilgrims of Sound (D) 2014

Dörner / Willers / Kaufmann .AAA. live
Creative Sources Recordings (P) 2014

Grid Mesh live in Madrid
w. Johannes Bauer, Frank Paul Schubert & Willi Kellers, Leo Rec. (UK) 2013

Willers / Kneer / Marien, Nulli Secundus
Creative Sources Recordings (P) 2012

Geezer/Deepwater Blackout (12“ vinyl maxi)
w. Martin Klingeberg, Thomy Jordi & Christian Marien, Souls United Rec. (D) 2011

Grid Mesh, Coordinates
w. Frank Paul Schubert & Rudi Fischerlehner, FMR (UK) 2010

Not Applicable Collective, A Further Insight
live in London w. Tom Arthurs, Lothar Ohlmeier a.m.m., NOT0 (UK) (download only), 2010

Andreas Willers, Drowning Migrant
solo, Leo Records (UK) 2009

Andreas Willers, Orange Years 
solo, Jazzwerkstatt (D) 2009

Grid Mesh
w. Frank Paul Schubert & Rudi Fischerlehner, Farai Rec. (A) 2007

Andreas Schmidt & Dave Liebman, In Berlin
w. Peter Weniger a.m.m., JazzHausMusik (D) 2007

Dirk Engelhardt, Radio Marrakesch
Konnex (D) 2006

Andreas Willers, Montauk
w. Dominique Pifarély, Alain Grange & Michael Griener, BTL (D) 2005

Off The Record (festival documentation – CD & DVD)
duo w. Jeff Cloke (recorder, electr.), GmG (D) 2005

Andreas Willers, In the North
w. Paul Bley, Yves Robert & Horst Nonnenmacher, BTL (D) 2003

“Dear Andreas, your very special CD, “In the North”, was received a few days ago. We listened to you and Paul with pleasure. Your interpretation of Jimmy’s compostions was creative, original and still loyal to the originals. And, your playing is most impressive. You and Paul compliment each other as only espcially talented people do. There is a growing audience in the world who will appreciate this album very much (as we do). Thank you for your hommage to Jimmy and thank you for your talents. Jimmy has a smile on his face when he listens. Warm regards to you, – Juanita & Jimmy Giuffre”

European Trytone Festival (sampler)
w. Horst Nonnenmacher & Michael Griener, BTL (NL) 2003

Andreas Willers, Tin Drum Stories (inspired by the novel ‘Die Blechtrommel’ by Günter Grass)
w. Horst Nonnenmacher & Michael Griener, BTL (D) 2000

Andreas Willers Octet, The Ground Music
w. Tom Rainey, Dieter Ilg, Jörg Huke, Arkady Shilkloper, Matthias Schubert, Claudio Puntin & Dominique Pifarély, Enja Rec. (D) 2000

Thomas Heberer & Andreas Willers on Raulf/Schulte ,teatime‘ vol.2
Poise Rec. 6 (D), 1998

Blue Collar, Diary Of A Working Band
w. Horst Nonnenmacher & Michael Griener, JazzHausMusik (D) 1997

Ullmann / Willers / Haynes, Trad Corrosion
w. Phil Haynes, Nabel (D) 1997

Gabriele Hasler, Familienglück
w. Hans Lüdemann, Foolish Music (D) 1997

Delbroux Bass Society, Circle
Mr.D/Laika (D) 1997

Dirk Raulf Orchestra, Friedrich Hollaender
New Classic Colours (D) 1996

Dirk Raulf, Die Welt Ist Immer Wieder Schön
Poise Rec., (D), 1995

Andreas Willers & Friends play Jimi Hendrix
w. Jim Black, Horst Nonnenmacher a.m.m., Nabel (D) 1995

Andreas Willers, Can I Go Like This?
solo, JazzHausMusik (D) 1994

Jazz Baltica Ensemble
w. David Murray a.m.m., Gowi Rec. (PL) 1993

Gabriele Hasler, Sonetburger
w. Elvira Plenar, Foolish Music (D) 1993

Ullmann / Willers, Playful 93
w. Gebhard Ullmann, Nabel (D) 1993

Andreas Willers, Cityscape
w. Mark Dresser & Bobby Previte / Jim Black & Horst Nonnenmacher, Sound Aspects (D) 1993

Ullmann/Willers, Suite Noire
w. Marvin ‚Smitty‘ Smith & Bob Stewart, Nabel (D) 1992

Acoustic Guitar Orchestra, Odyssee
w. Franz de Byl, Uwe Kropinski a.m.m., Blue Song (ex-Amiga) (D) 1991

Andreas Willers, The Private Ear
w. Louis Sclavis & Gabriele Hasler, Sound Aspects (D) 1990

Rava, Ullmann, Willers, Lillich, Schäuble
Out to Lunch feat. Enrico Rava, Nabel (D) 1989

Gabriele Hasler, Das Projekt
w. Hugo Read, Thomas Heidepriem & Jörn Schipper, Foolish Music (D) 1988

Minimal Kidds, No Age
w. Gebhard Ullmann, Niko Schäuble, Trilok Gurtu, Glen Moore, Hans Lüdemann a.o., Intuition/Capitol (D) 1987

Out To Lunch
w. Gebhard Ullmann, H.D. Lorenz & Niko Schäuble, Nabel (D) 1986

Willers / Ullmann, Playful
Biber Rec. (D)1985

Pop 83 Nachwuchs-Festival
Willers/Ullmann Duo & various artists, Dt. Phono-Akademie/WEA (D)1984

Schreckschuss, Verrückt nach Dir
w. Gebhard Ullmann a.m.m, MMG (D) 1983

Schreckschuss, Jeden Tag hab ich den Blues
MMG (D) 1982

Andreas Willers, Hier & Als Auch
solo, Free Music Production (D) 1981

Sorry, I have no more copies of ,Hier & Als Auch‘. Check out the digital release here (incl. audio): http://destination-out.bandcamp.com/album/hier-als-auch