Derek Plays Eric

Andreas Willers – el. guitar, Jan Roder – el. bass, bass, Christian Marien – drums

Derek Plays Eric: ‘A Suite Of Soaps and other assorted sceneries’ (Jazzwerkstatt JW236):
In this, our second recording, we set out to expand on the paradox cross-genre Derek (Bailey)-meets-Eric (Clapton) scenario towards an even more contemporary outlook on the mixture of generic stylistic elements of the day (mid to late 20th century that is), thus broadening the playing field of artistic diversity while staying connected to our common ground of creative interplay. The programmatic ‚Suite of Soaps‘ is distinguished by bending traditional harmony, usage of quartertones and polyrhythms, para-modal and free improvisational concepts interspersed with short musical motifs coined by heroes of the day – and one employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad of California. Same goes for the interpretations of some (at least to us) classic jazz, soul and rock charts. Hope you’ll have as much fun listening as we had putting it all together.DpE, Berlin, June 2023

DpE – aSoS / jw236 ….press digest english

„I repeatedly thought that Andreas Willers really understood the artistic openness of those (most) important rock and jazz years between 1967 and ’70. With their crazy, highly virtuoso and explosive creations, Derek Plays Eric gives hope of being able to experience real crossover again at jazz, rock and whatever festivals of the future. And when you’re confronted with material from Dave Holland (“May Dance”), Joe Cocker (“Space Captain”) and the Beatles (“I Want You”) in the last three album tracks, you know all the more that this freer style of music can also be extremely entertaining and connecting. Openness with brains is what we need.“ Lothar Trampert / album of the month, G&B magazine (D)

„The non-serious self-description and the smile that the surprising moments of recognition evoke in this music should not obscure the fact that this is seriously enjoyable, dense and independent trio music.“ Michael Bossong, Jazzpodium (D)

„It sounds like Herbie Hancock’s The New Standard for Eugene Chadbourne fans. The Beatles’ „I Want You (She’s So Heavy)“ is retooled as growling blues noise; Gentle Giant’s „Cogs in Cogs“ is a mellifluous jazz ping; Joe Cocker’s „Space Captain“ is an orgy of gnarled quarter tones. Why not?“ Daniel Spicer, THE WIRE (UK)

„…celebrates incoherency. Anyone who covers the Beatles must be pretty good or pretty megalomaniacal. Derek Plays Eric convinces with courageous structural interventions that diffuse and do the song justice at the same time.“ TAZ (D)

„German guitarist Andreas Willers and his trio Derek Plays Eric, ratchet up the heat on their latest. Herr Willers can burn with the best of them. His musical resume is beyond extensive and varied.“ Maurice Hogue, onemansjazz/AAJ (CA/US)

„Then you can pick your brain about when you where last tied up to gloriously by an ordinary guitar trio. …fresh sparks from unexpected collisions of sublime and brute. … People wanting party and fuss above oxygen and food for the brain is a lame excuse for the lack of imagination. Which can be found in over-abundance here.“ Bad Alchemy (D)

„A great and unique album from a band that has already developed its own distinctive sound.“ Jazz Fun (D)

“The center of the album this time is a seven-part cycle, the title number “A Suite of Soaps” – here Willers can unleash his entire guitaristic range.” H.J Schaal, Jazzthetik (D)

„The accomplishment of the trio is that no matter how far the three venture into semi-Metal territory, bolstered by Marien’s backbeat, they can just as quickly introduce other sound motifs.“ Ken Waxman, Jazzword (CAN)

„But above all, it is this unique trio that delivers a brilliant version that composers should nod in appreciation to (no matter where they are). Here we get a version where they take the song “out in space” and give it completely different content and packaging than the original version. Free improvisation in the quiet landscape where they only hint at the familiar song, but enough for us to recognize it. This is a great release from three outstanding musicians from Berlin.“ Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts (DK)

„Impressive….inspired…. challenging. …Dave Holland’s “May Dance” comes from an album with Gateway (with John Abercrombie & Jack DeJohnette). This trio do a great version here with some challenging, tight interplay. What I like most about this disc is that in combines the best of rock, prog and electric jazz into a winning, seamless blend which all of us post-modern listeners can appreciate.“ Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG, NY

‚Double Standards is a prime example of the trio’s mischievous versatility. It’s actually hard to escape their playfulness and enthusiasm.‘ freistil (A), Wolfgang Suschnig

„In fact in all ends unexpected soundscapes and sceneries are popping up. An all around rewarding and exciting affair.“ Concerto 2/24 (A)

„Complex structures, stratification of rhythm patterns, dark undertones and razor-sharp guitar outbursts and complete but strictly timed chaos are the order of the day. Furthermore, parallels emerge with greats from the genre such as Allan Holdsworth and Elliott Sharp.“ Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazzhalo (BE)

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